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Want to be a rep?

Welcome Reps new and old to apply! We are excited to start this new chapter of ELB & ELA with you guys aboard for Summer (and possible rollover to Fall)! Repping is about having fun and earning discounts and freebies as you go. Below you can find all the info you need to apply and have your questions answered. Reps will be chosen at the end of the month.


Who are we?

Evelyn Lane Apparel & Evelyn Lane Bows (interchangeable and both URLS lead to same site) was created back in 2019 after Evie was born and I had to spilt from her Dad. I needed a job asap but wanted to work at home to stay with her but also make money. I say ELAB was born the day Evie was. Learn more on the ABOUT US page.


What do we do?

ELAB offers all handmade items currently. Both Hairbows and Apparel are created by myself. Some items are more cost and time consuming than others but I like to try and keep an affordable price for handmade items.


What is expected as a Rep?

I ask that you utilize social media to help promote the business and brand. I ask that you make one post a week on your personal social media of choice (Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok). If you use multiple and want to cross post, that would be amazing! I am most active on Facebook but also have Instagram and tiktok. I want to use those more personally going forward. I also ask that you like and comment on other Reps post as well as the business page and VIP group posts.


What should the posts be about?

Posts should include at least 1 ELAB item and be clear, clutter free pictures. Something that is easy to see what the post is about. Try to stay away from really dark or blurry photos. If you Rep for another company and have those items in the picture I ask you to post that shop too and drop your code! We want to support as much as we can, even if the other shop has similar items to ELAB


Proof of Post

We have a no screenshot policy. Many shops require a screenshot of your post to show you are active but I find them tedious and annoying to do. I look all the time at posts so I see them and can tell when you post. Sounds creepy but it's not ha. My social medias are built around ELAB so I get notified when something about ELAB is said or shown.


What if I don't make a post?

To keep things honest and fair we will keep your personal discount code active on a week by week basis. Over the years sometimes Reps just aren't active and it isn't fair to those that are to get the same discount or freebies. A lot of Apparel becomes around cost for me after the 45% off and some items take up to 1.5 hours to make each (it's also why I never run big sales on apparel). If you need a break from Repping for a busy time in life or just time for family and may become inactive temporarily, let me know and it won't affect your discount code. Repping should be fun and things like family and life are first.


The 2 Codes You Get

Everyone gets 2 codes. One is your Rep Code and one is your Personal Discount Code. A Rep code is the code you give out on your posts and to family & friends in real life. That codes gives them 15% off their purchase. You get the choose this code. A Personal Discount Code is the code ONLY FOR YOU and gives you the 45% off your purchase and not to be given out to anyone. I provide this code to you. However, you MAY purchase things for other people using your Personal Discount Code, like a gift for a Birthday, Christmas, Baby Shower, or the likes. Make sure to tell your gift recipients you 15% off Rep Code.


Rep Groups and ISO Posts

Posting to Rep groups are not required. There is such an over saturation of posts A MINUTE that yours can be easily lost and overlooked. If you enjoy posting to Rep groups then post away! ISO (in-search-of) comments are highly encouraged. Make sure only comment if we meet their requirements (TAT, Size Range, Styles, etc). Many times people just post there code and link to a site without actually reading what the person is looking for. Try to also include a picture relevant. I like to comment on ISO posts when I'm bored scrolling through Facebook. If someone is looking for hairbows I use and if they are looking for clothes I use to give to them.

Apply Here!

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