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How it all started

In May 2019 I found myself looking online for a hair bow for my unborn daughter. I never thought that day would happen.

For years, a decade actually, I was a 'boy Mom.' I only knew boy clothes, boy things, boy jokes, boy everything. Soon after I had my son I had reserved never to have another, that I was done. After years that adamant decision started wavering. I found myself looking at baby things again and thinking, 'what if, am I REALLY done?' March 2017 began a journey that I could have never thought of. The road was long and rocky, riddle with what felt like a million 2 week waits, losses, late night frantic googling, pain, surgery, and even near defeat. Finally, in late November 2018 I had that early positive I had been dreaming of.

From time-to-time we all 'just have a feeling' about something. I had that feeling with my pregnancy. I knew it would be another boy.

Let's all laugh together hahahaha.

When I found out she was a girl, I felt my world flip at that moment. I got very scared but then that fear turned into happiness. I would be able to finally do things I had always wanted to do with a daughter. In May 2019 I was doing one of those things, buying a hair bow. I thought it would be easy, look for some ribbon and clip and call it a day. I accidentally uncovered this whole world of hair bows. That not all are created the same. I found fabric bows and headwraps and fell in love. I wanted them all! When I went to purchase them, I found them either insanely expensive or what seemed to be not so great quality and terribly cheap. There had to be an option out there that wasn't an arm and a leg but still maintained quality, customer service and satisfaction, and caring that you get from a small business. I never found it. Not to be discouraged, I decided to become it. I have had a long history of arts, crafts, photography, and creativity so I figured it wouldn't be too hard.

Let's all laugh together hahahaha.

I went through many prototypes, types of fabric, learning how to perfectly cut the fabric, and weeks of learning and practicing tying a bow just right (WAY harder than it seemed). Finally in late September 2019, I felt I had finally gotten it down to where I could start selling my bows.

Admittedly, a lot has changed in such a short time. What I started with is long gone and I have moved on to big ideas and things. It has also been harder than I thought it was. Going in, I knew so little. Each day brings me closer to my goals.
I make this my promise to you:
To continue to bring hair bows at reasonable prices and with care and pride of a good quality bow.
To continue to bring local, handmade items that will never be mass produced.
To make each bow with the child in mind that I make it for.
To follow and share little joys in life with you. 
Finally, to bring happiness to the world, one bow at a time.


The Art of the Bow

Each bow that is made is made with care. Sometimes I will tie a bow again and again until it just feels right. Each one is slightly different, whether it be the cut of the fabric or the style of the tie. Each bow comes out as unique and the child who wears it. 

Fabric is used because it has character. It moves with you, never ridged and stiff. It'll never have a mass-produced look or feel. 

I spend many nights searching for prints and fabric that I love and know you will love. There is a delicate balance between functional, beautiful, feel, and price of the fabric. I only pick fabric that I feel has that balance.

The nylon is soft. It's comfortable. It stretches with the child. It doesn't just have to be a headband, it can be used as a hair tie around a ponytail. If ever it gets too stretched out, you can use a hairdryer on low heat to shrink it back.

I'm a single Mom who just wants to spend as much time with my kids as I can. Everything is hand made by me and great pride is put into every piece.

evelyn lane hair bows quality
Thank you my darling, for you are my inspiration.
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