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As a thank you to our valued customers, we are offering a rewards program in the form of store credit.

What is it?

Starting June 28th 2021, we will start a customer loyalty program. This program will give store credit to those who spend a certain amount. For every $100 spent, a $10 store credit will be awarded.

How can I enter?

No sign up is necessary. We will track your purchases for you and will notify you via email with details when you hit $100 spent.

Will previous purchases be included?

No, only purchases made starting June 28th 2021 will be included in this offer.

What does the $100 spent include?

Money spent will only include actual purchase price after any discounts. No shipping or other store credits will apply to total.

Can I combine store credits?

Yes, If you have won store credits through other giveaway or promotions, you can combine them.

I'm not ready to spend my store credit, can they roll over?

Yes. If you want to save up your store credit you may do so.

I want to gift my store credit to someone, can I?

No, store credits are non transferable.

How will you keep track of my store credits?

Store credits will be trackable by both your name on orders AND your billing address. If you make a purchase and send to a different shipping address or name (say as a gift) we will count the purchase towards your total.

What if I have a different billing address for different purchases?

We have many payment options and understand some billing address may be different. In this instance please reach out via email: to confirm the purchase will go towards your total.

How will I be notified of my credit?

On Friday of every week we will send those that qualified that week there store credit. Email will go over purchase history, total store credit and details on how to redeem.

How will I be able to redeem the store credit?

Store credit may be redeemed by using the 'Offline Payment' option at checkout. THIS WILL NOT CHARGE YOU. We will then send an email invoice for any remaining balance after the store credit deduction. Payment options for remaining balance will appear in email. Orders will NOT be filled until final payment of remaining balance is sent. Please note, timely payment will be important to keep orders within our 2-5 business day turn around time.

How long will program last?

There is no current end date to this program and hope to keep it going for a long time. We do reserve the right to terminate program at any time however.

If program is terminated, will I be able to keep my store credit?


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