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Make the perfect bow for you! Chose your Size, Tie, and Style.


Sizes (Width x Height of bow):

Mini                             3"x1"

Mini w/ Flair             3"x2"

Classic                       4"x3"

Classic w/ Flair       4"x4"

Grand                         6"x5"

Grand w/ Flair         6"x6"


Tie Styles:

Flap has an 'end' piece that can create a big floppy bow and moves with you (see video for Flap Tie)

Flapless is a more 'perfect' bow that stands and has very little movement (see video for Flapless Tie)


Style of Bow:

Chose the attachment you would like. Nude and Black Nylons are super stretchy and versatile. Good for babies with very little hair, to use as a headband, or to use as a ponytail. All Nylons are one-size-fits-all. Clips are used to attach to babies with hair. Piggies (for both Nylons and Clips) will give you TWO of the same style and color bow at a slightly discounted price.


Special Request section is optional. 

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