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Mix & Match Shredded

Mix & Match Shredded


Bands are 5 inches in height and 6-5 inches for the Bow.


Choose color and size needed. Check Color Guide Charts for the names of colors. Colors are a close representation of the real life colors but not exact.


***Please Note***

Only two color options or prints may be chosen.

The band color chosen will be used for the headwrap as well as the for one of the two colors for filler in the Shredded Bow. The other option will be used just in the Shredded Bow for accent. Not sure what color or print to pick? Type 'Maker's Choice' in accent box and we will match a color for you.



Newborn: 0-4 months

Baby: 4-12 months

Toddler: 1yr-5yr

Adult: 6yr-Adult

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